COVID-19 Testing

Our office continues to serve our community during the pandemic.  We are currently accepting new patients, seeing a limited amount of patients in office and performing telehealth as well.  Please note we have an overwhelming volume of testing and vaccination requests.  We are working non-stop to get to each request and appreciate your patience.

At this time we offer PCR and NAAT testing for the COVID-19 virus.

COVID testing is covered by insurance for direct exposures to positive cases and symptomatic patients.  We do not have antigen tests at this time. Non-insured patients for medically necessary tests are covered by the state of New York’s COVID fund.

Travelling? Getting together with friends or an event?

Our PCR test is $180 and results the same day. Our NAAT test also results the same day and is $100.   Tests requested for such matters are not covered by insurance and do not require a provider’s visit.

How do I make an appointment?

New patients must register completely before requesting an appointment for testing.  If you are already previously registered please call our office directly.  If you have never been to our office, please download the enrollment form below and email us your photo identification, insurance cards (if applicable) and enrollment form for EACH patient requesting a test to We handle requests in the order they are received.  Please make sure to put in your email what the test is for and when you would like to have it done.  We will call you when you are registered to make an appointment.


  • Safari Users: Please fill out the form in the browser and either print the form to PDF, save the file to your computer and attach it to your email.  You can also save the form directly from the browser in Safari to your local desktop after filling it out.
  • Chrome Users: Please fill out the form in the browser, print the form to PDF, save the file to your computer and attach it to your email.  You can also save the empty form to your desktop and fill it out in the PDF viewer available to you on your local computer.  You cannot save the file from the browser or it will lose the data you filled in.